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How we started...

When we were exploring the financial markets, we realized that there’s no affordable tech for retail traders to explore their trading ideas. The existing ones had limited capabilities or needed tech or coding expertise, which retail traders did not have.

So, we started building PHI 1 in 2019 with a single-minded purpose - to make powerful trading technologies accessible to all. This way, even retail traders would have the same set of tech capabilities, like the big hedge funds.

Today, PHI 1 has over 5,000 users with integrations with some of the country’s top discount brokers.

About the company

Powerweave Heuristic Investment (PHI) is the flagship fintech brand of Powerweave Software Services - a trusted provider of tech solutions since 2001.

Powerweave is a multinational, present in 3 locations across the globe - USA, UK, and India with over 1700 employees helping over 800 businesses with their digital transformation journey.

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